Top 5 Sexiest PRO Surfer Girls


Here on WOWTop 5, we present to you TOP 5 Sexiest PRO surfer girls! We’re talking about a seriously sweet 5 of some of surfing’s finest bodies. Check them out for yourself, as we present a tidal wave of awesome Aussie, South African beauty, and (of course) some amazing American talent. These proud athletes are showing off their sexiest poses both on and off the water, so get ready to be washed away by a flood of emotions…

1) Anastasia Ashley


Born to Surf In: San Clemente, California   Age: 26

California gal Anastasia Ashley (who actually grew up in Hawaii) is also a proud bathing beauty, and has done some hot pictorials while also providing some hot competition on the surfing circuit. She’s gathered up plenty of sponsorships and already has her eye on the fashion world–but she’s also a real guy’s guy who’s ready to snowboard and says her favorite film is Sin City.  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

2) Erica Hosseini


Born to Surf In: Palm Springs, California   Age: 26

She’s taken a few years off, but Erica Hosseini proved she’s still a hot surfer with two strong showings while competing in 2011. There’s plenty to distract her from the waves, though, including plenty of work as a model. This California gal can’t keep away from the waves, though, and runs around enough that she has a website called Where’s Erica? [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

3) Monyca Byrne-Wickey


Born to Surf In: Maui, Hawaii   Age: 22

This Hawaiian hottie redefined the notion of Maui Wowie–butMonyca Byrne-Wickey has skipped plenty of pro competitions in favor of modeling as one of Earth’s hottest surfers. She’s also spent her career sewing her own swimsuits, so we’re hoping to see Monyca showing off plenty of her own designs.  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

4) Rosy Hodge


Born to Surf In: East London, South Africa   Age: 26

We got a big crush on Rosy Hodge when she rode the waves while starring in Blue Crush 2. The beautiful blonde could’ve passed for a Hollywood starlet, but Rosy didn’t need a stuntwoman to show off some amazing moves. She’s pretty much spent her entire life as the gal to beat in South African surfing competitions. Now we’re thrilled that Rosy’s taking her amazing form worldwide. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

5) Sally Fitzgibbons


Born to Surf In: Nowra, New South Wales, Australia   Age: 22

Sally Fitzgibbons looks like a supermodel, but she’s won over the surf world with some superhuman speed. This Australian gal had a legendary run as a young surfer, and still found time for track and field while also scoring as a soccer star. Sally was briefly sidelined with some injuries as she hit adulthood, but she’s come back strong–and looking gorgeous as ever!  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

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